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Legalization is a procedure to make official documents usable in countries other than the issuing country. Authorities in one country are certain that the document from another country is official and legal.

Legalization is the determination that a document has been issued by a person authorized to do so and that the signature on the document does indeed belong to the signatory. In practice, sometimes a whole series of signatures of authorities are needed that are aware of each other’s authority. This is called a legalization chain.

Countries set different requirements for issuing official documents. This involves, for example, wedding certificates or a will. But also business documents, such as statements from the Chamber of Commerce, diplomas or permits. In addition, it is important that authorities of a country know for certain that a document has been issued by an official body.


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Besides arranging visas, we also legalize documents at the relevant consulate.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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We also offer our service for this. Contact us for more information.

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