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Legalization United Arab Emirates

Legalization United Arab Emirates

Legalize documents for United Arab Emirates. Find information on this page.For our legalization services for United Arab Emirates, you must complete our order form. We need your data. For: a) if it is necessary to contact you, and B.) we need the information for the invoice.You will find a red list at the bottom of this page with an overview of the most common costs per instance. These are the costs that you also pay if you decide to arrange legalization United Arab Emirates yourself. These costs are per document.To clarify, if you decide to do the United Arab Emirates legalization yourself, you will pay the same fees as stated in this red list. If you use our services, you pay an additional fee. Most importantly, don’t waste time visiting the different agencies to get your documents in order.Finally: let our professionals do the United Arab Emirates legalization procedure! It saves you time and money!

1. The order form:

  • Click here To open, fill in, print out, and sign.
  • You must send us the original documents that need to be legalized, which are necessary for legalization.
  • You must also send a copy of all documents that need to be legalized.
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The processing time at the embassy in The Hague is 2 or 4 working days. The pandemic (coronavirus) may take longer because the consulate is difficult to reach. If we also take care of the preparation process with other authorities, we will add extra processing days.

Signature accepted in advance (legalization): Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This means that all documents must be pre-legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the consulate of the United Arab Emirates legalizes a document at their consulate.

StappenKosten (per document)Ons tarief ex. btw (per stap)
Our agency fees€ 85.00
Ministry of Foreign Affairs€10€ 0.00
The court€25€ 0.00
The Notaryvariabele kosten€ 0.00
The sworn translatorvariabele kosten€ 0.00
Chamber of Commerce€25€ 0.00
DUO€18€ 0.00
Certificate of origin€60€ 0.00
Health certificate€60€ 0.00
Copy of passport€60€ 0.00
Packing list€60€ 0.00
Personal documents€42€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (01. with value € 0 - € 1,666)€40€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (02. with value € 1,667 - € 5,000)€80€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (03.with value € 5,001 - € 10,000)€160€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (04.with value € 10,001 - € 15,000)€240€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (05. with value € 15,001 - € 25,000)€320€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (06. with value € 25,001 - € 41,666)€400€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (07. with value € 41,667 - € 83,333)€520€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (08. with value € 83,334 - € 166,666)€600€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (09. with value € 166,667 - € 333,333)€800€ 0.00
UAE: invoice (10.with value € 333,334 - € 337,500)€1620€ 0.00
Business document + copy of passport signatory€607€ 0.00
Business documents€565€ 0.00

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