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Visa costs
VisaVisa costs VAT freeMediation fee excl. VATInvitation costs VAT freeTotal costs excl. VATTotal costs incl. VAT
Single entree, visit up to 90 days€ 36.00€ 39.50€ 0.00€ 75.50€ 83.80
Single entree, visit longer than 90 days€ 54.00€ 39.50€ 0.00€ 93.50€ 101.80
Double entree€ 63.00€ 39.50€ 0.00€ 102.50€ 110.80
Multiple entree€ 81.00€ 39.50€ 0.00€ 120.50€ 128.80

The processing time at the embassy of South Korea is currently 14 working days.

Urgent is not possible!

The visa is valid for 3 months from the moment your visa application has been accepted by the embassy.

There are a number of nationalities (12) whose price deviates from what is stated above. You can email us to receive the correct visa fees.

Please note that Dutch and South Korean national holidays do not count as working days.

The documents that are required for your visa

This short work visa applies to;

  • Entertainers
  • Artists.
  • DJs.
  • Musicians.
  • Our order form, click here to open
  • To avoid errors, please complete this form digitally, print and sign
  • Everything you write on this form will appear on the invoice
  • With this form, we also have your contact details if we need to call or email you
  • We will send you the invoice by email.
  • With this form, you authorise us to apply for your visa.
The application form: click here to fill in online, print out en and sign.
  • Your passport.
  • We need to have the passport physically, so no copy.
  • Your passport must still be valid for at least 6½ months after the validity of the visa (ie one and a half year valid if it is an annual visa).
  • The passport must have at least two blank facing visa pages.
  • One color passport photo.
  • Note that these photos are according to the Dutch standard of ‘passport photo’, that is to say, looking forward, white background, do not laugh and do not show teeth.
  • Wearing glasses in the photo is not permitted
  • Nine times out of ten, the consulate does not accept a photo from your own printer. If you do so, make sure you use gloss paper and there are no stripes visible from the print.
  • Do not staple the photo to the application form, but rather use a Pritt stick. If you do not have a Pritt stick, please include your loose photo and we will attach it to the form for you.
  • Do not stick the photos with adhesive tape

Other conditions that you must pay extra attention to:

  • The photos may not be older than 3 months
  • The photos may not be the same as on the passport unless the passport is not older than 3 months
  • The photos must have a white background.
  • A copy of the passport of the applicant
  • Note that you also need to provide the original passport as requested on this page

These documents must be completed and signed by you

1.) Declaration of health

The embassy would like to receive the original document.

Click here to print, complete and sign the document.

2.) With this document, you agree to the two-week quarantine policy or updated rules on arrival

Click here to open, fill in and sign

A printout from the Chamber of Commerce of the Dutch company.

The Chamber of Commerce printout may not be older than 3 months.

** Also for self-employed.

A copy of Contract for the Performance between you and the Korean inviter.

The invitation letter is prepared by the South Korean company.


You must receive a printout from the company’s Business Registration Certificate with the invitation.


The invitation must identify the following points:

  • Be written on company paper.
  • Addressed to the embassy in The Hague;
    *Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Verlengde Tolweg 8, 2517 JV The Hague
  • The full name of the traveller.
  • The passport details of the traveller.
  • A detailed description of the purpose of the trip.
  • Dates of the trip/trips.
  • The number of starters listed (single-multiple)
  • The duration of the visa indicated.
  • The letter must be stamped and signed by the company.

The performance overview shows what activities you have done in the past.

Make a clear overview of your activities.

State what activities you have done, when and for whom.

If you plan to perform or engage in entertainment activities in hotel facilities or adult entertainment establishments, you need to submit more documents below;

  • Entertainment activities outline.
  • A certificate proving your qualification or experience.
  • Personal references.


If you are Dutch, you do not need additional documents.


For the EU or Schengen country nationalities:

If nationality comes from an EU or Schengen country (not for a Dutch passport), you must show that you are registered in the Netherlands.
You have two options;

  • Option 1: a copy of the front- and backside of your residence permit.
  • Option 2: a copy of the extract from the population register (GBA).


Other nationalities from outside the EU or Schengen countries:

  • You need a copy of your Dutch residence permit’s front- and back-side for all nationalities from outside the EU and Schengen countries.
Please send registered mail to:
VisumService.nl/South Korea
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The Netherlands
Or you can also deliver it personally or by courier to our office address:
VisumService.nl/South Korea
Anna Paulownastraat 63
(through the grey door to ring the bell)
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The Netherlands

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