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Visa costs
VisaVisa costs VAT freeMediation fee excl. VATInvitation costs VAT freeTotal costs excl. VATTotal costs incl. VAT
Visa simple 30 days wit a maximum stay up to 8 days€ 30.00€ 0.00€ 0.00€ 30.00€ 30.00

Due to the pandemic, this visa is currently not available

How does it work?

You complete the application form online and pay.

You will receive your visa by e-mail within 4 business days.

After receiving your e-visa by email, print it out and take the e-visa along with your valid passport on your trip.

The documents that are required for your visa

  • How does it work?
  • You complete the application form online and pay.
  • You will receive your visa by e-mail within 4 business days.
  • You must print your visa and take it with you on your journey, along with your valid passport.
  • After receiving the visa, the visa is valid for 30 days! Within these 30 days you can stay in St. Petersburg for a maximum of 8 days!

Where can you go?

  • With this visa, you can only visit the territory of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Click here for an overview
  • You may not leave the area under any circumstances!0

Maximum stay

  • You can only stay for 8 days.
  • Example 1: if you arrive on 1 August, you must leave the country on 8 August
  • Example 2: if you arrive on Monday, you must leave a week later on Monday at the latest.

Can I extend this visa:

  • No that is not allowed. If you want to stay longer then you are not entitled to this visa, but you must apply for a visa in your passport. Go back to our main page and follow the steps for a normal visa.

What if I don’t follow the rules, just stay longer or leave the Leningrad Oblast area

  • You get a fine of 7000 rubles and the chance of a prison sentence
  • You will receive a banishment of at least 5 years!

How can I enter Saint Petersburg with this visa

  • This is only possible via a number of designated border crossings
  • You must also use the designated border crossings when leaving Saint Petersburg
  • In the application form, you will see that you have to make a choice where your arrival and departure will be in Saint Petersburg: land border, airports, and seaports.
  • If the border crossing, airport or seaport is not in the selection list, you cannot apply for this visa and you need a visa in the passport.
  • In that case, go back to our main page www.visumservice.nl and choose the option for a tourist visa.

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