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Visa costs
VisaVisa costs VAT freeMediation fee excl. VATInvitation costs VAT freeTotal costs excl. VATTotal costs incl. VAT
You arrange the invitation yourself€ 80.00€ 39.50€ 0.00€ 119.50€ 127.80
Invitation arranged by VisumService.nl€ 80.00€ 18.84€ 25.00€ 123.84€ 127.80

Procedure at the consulate: 6-7 working days, possibly longer.

For tourists and private visas, it is currently not possible to apply for your visa in an urgent procedure.

Please note that Dutch and Russian national holidays do not count as working days.

The documents that are required for your visa

  • The order form, Click here to digitally fill in, print out and sign it.

  • Everything you are about to write down will appear on the invoice
  • Try to complete the order form online to prevent errors. We also accept handwritten order forms but check the address after you received your invoice to see if we haven’t made a mistake.

  • Enter your address completely, such as your street name, house number, postcode and city. The complete address for invoicing and return address

  • We need your e-mail address for when your visa application is accepted by the consulate, we will send you an invoice by e-mail the same day. You must transfer the invoice amount to us the same day with I-Deal or bank transfer so that we have the payment on our bank before we collect your passport with a visa at the consulate.

  • Write down your telephone number or numbers where we can always reach you in the event that your documents are incomplete or when the diplomat wants to view additional documents.

  • With the question “password“, this is the password you have to fabricate when you start to fill in your visa application form. Come up with a password, do not use a private password. For example: valdemar12, the system will always accept.

  • The question “ID number“, is the number that you will receive when you start the application form.

  • The question “voorletter + achternaam” refers to the traveler who will apply for the visa, as well as “the date of birth and the passport number”.

  • The question “hoe u uw paspoort retour wilt hebben” how you want your passport with visa back, click on one of the options. Extra costs are also charged for this, as for registered mail.

  • When you agree with everything you can place your signature on the bottom right of the box.
  • The application form, click here to start. This is a link to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

  • This is a complicated application form, we have specially created a manual for you, click here to open

  • The application form must be printed in black (or blue). Other colors are not allowed.

  • A statement from your health insurer (IZA, Zilveren Kruis, AZIVO etc.) stating that your insurance provides coverage for medical cost during your stay in Russia (all insurers have been aware of this for years).
  • It must also indicate a period that covers your trip.
  • The insurance period may be longer than your actual trip, it cannot be shorter!
  • This declaration may be sent to you as a PDF (in the appendix) by the health insurer.
  • Your insurer’s English statement must be signed by the insurer, otherwise the consulate of Russia will not accept the statement.

New (since 06 May 2021)

From now on, the statement must also include:

  • Full coverage for Covid-19 treatment.
  • The insurance covers the costs for repatriation back to the Netherlands in the event of death.
  • Your passport.
  • We need to have the passport physically, so no copy.
  • Your passport must still be valid for at least 6½ months after the validity of the visa (ie one and a half year valid if it is an annual visa).
  • The passport must have at least two blank facing visa pages.
  • One color passport photo.
  • Note that these photos are according to the Dutch standard of ‘passport photo’, that is to say, looking forward, white background, do not laugh and do not show teeth.
  • Wearing glasses in the photo is not permitted
  • Nine times out of ten, the consulate does not accept a photo from your own printer. If you do so, make sure you use gloss paper and there are no stripes visible from the print.
  • Do not staple the photo to the application form, but rather use a Pritt stick. If you do not have a Pritt stick, please include your loose photo and we will attach it to the form for you.
  • Do not stick the photos with adhesive tape

Other conditions that you must pay extra attention to:

  • The photos may not be older than 3 months
  • The photos may not be the same as on the passport unless the passport is not older than 3 months
  • The photos must have a white background.
  • You need a tourist invitation/registration of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • If you do not have this document in your possession, we will automatically create it for you for an additional fee of € 25, – VAT free.
  • In order to apply for a tourist visa for Russia, you need an invitation (tourist registration at the Russian immigration office).
  • We can arrange this for you for € 25, – VAT free or possibly you can request it through your hotel.
  • When we receive your request and you do not have an invitation, we will automatically request it for you.
  • You do not need to state that we have to do this for you.
  • We will arrange an invitation for you based on the details of the application form and passport.
  • With an invitation, you can enter up to 5 cities that you will visit.
  • If the applicant/passenger is born in the Soviet Union, you must also send this statement:
    Click here to open.

  1. We have added a ‘text and explanation’ form for convenience because the application form can be quite complex for many people
  2. It is a form that, from our experience, causes a lot of stress for those who have to fill it out
  3. Please note that you give extensive answers, so read carefully through the ‘text and explanation’ that we have described
  4. For question 4, 3 questions are asked, make sure you read this carefully before you start with the answers.
  5. Write down your full name
  6. Date
  7. Signature

  • If you are:
    1. Born in Russia
    2. You have moved from Russia to the Netherlands (or another country!),
    3. In the event that you were not born in Russia, but left from Russia when you left, the consulate may ask for additional documents, which can significantly delay or even reject your application!
  • If you have had Russian nationality, you must officially have given up Russian nationality, because you can not apply for a Russian visa for your Dutch passports until you have officially renounced your Russian nationality.

  • If you have renounced Russian nationality, then:
    1. You have received an exemption from the Russian consulate. Send a copy of that document together with your visa application so that you do not have to fill in the Soviet Declaration.
    2. Note: must have a copy of the Russian document and not of the Dutch version.

Earlier, in the previous years, you received from the Russian consulate a Dutch and Russian declaration from the Russian consulate.
Note, a copy of the Dutch version is not accepted.

  • If your minor child applies for the visa together with the parents (that is, a visa for the father, mother, and child) and the child has the same surname as the father or mother, you do not have to fill in a consent form.

  • If your minor child only applies for a visa or only with one of the parents (ie one of the parents does not apply for a visa), you must complete a consent letter from both parents and sign it by both parents.
  • Click here to complete and sign the consent form
  • Also a copy of the father and mother’s passport
  • Also a copy of the father and mother’s passport
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