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Accountability and risk


Accountability and risk:

During the time that we have the passports or documents in our possession, we hold ourselves liable for loss, theft, damage.

We can not be held liable for damage caused by late issue of visas and documents, delayed delivery caused by and for consular reasons.

We can not be held liable for the refusal of your visa application by the consulate. The consul may, for emphatic reasons, decide to inspect more documents, so you may not get your visa on time. The consul is authorized at all times to adjust the necessary documents for your visa application without any reason and / or to refuse your visa application.

We also accept no responsibility for damage caused by loss, delayed delivery by a transport service, theft of passports or documents by consulates, courier or post and post offices. You indicate via the order form with which return option you want your passport with visa to return. After accepting your visa application at the consulate, we will send you an invoice by e-mail. The invoice is drawn up on the basis of the information you provided on the order form. In the text of the invoice e-mail is also a clear indication of the date when the visa will be ready to be picked up or sent. There is also a clear indication that we only return the passport or issue it when the amount of the invoice is visible in our bank account.

We also accept no responsibility for damage caused by properly issued visas, which afterwards caused problems at the border of the country in question. A customs officer has a sovereign position and is therefore authorized to refuse your entry to his country without any reason. This can happen anywhere in the world, even though the traveler has a visa in his passport for the country in question issued by his consulate abroad.

Consulates can increase or decrease the rates of the visa or legalization, we accept no responsibility for damage caused by a tariff increase of the visa by the consulate. If we pay less at the consulate because the rate of the visa has gone down, we will also pass on the lower amount on the invoice. We do not earn from the visa but only from the mediation. Unfortunately we never get the message from consulates when the rates go up or down.

A consul is authorized to request extra documents to better assess your visa application. If your visa application is rejected after a judgment by the consul, or if your visa application is delayed and you are damaged because you have to miss or cancel your flight or flights, we accept no responsibility for the damage.

Consulates can make changes to the required documents for your visa application because their Ministry of Foreign Affairs can demand this immediately. We also accept no responsibility for damage caused by a delay at the consulate due to changes in the required documentation.

Always know exactly the date that you will enter the country. Do not try to enter the country one day in advance, because then you can be faced with unpleasant surprises. There is a date of validity in all visas, when a visa comes into effect and when it expires!

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