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Visa costs
VisaVisa costs VAT freeMediation fee excl. VAT Invitation costs VAT freeTotal costs excl. VATTotal costs incl. VAT
Single entry tourist€ 30.00€ 39.50€ 0.00€ 69.50€ 77.80

Processing days at the consulate:

Normal procedure: 5 working days

The urgent procedure is not possible

When the requested documents arrive on our business days before 09.30 am and the documents are in order, we will go to the consulate the same working day.

Thai and Dutch national holidays do not count as business days

Please note that the diplomat is authorized to request additional documents for your visa application, this may delay your visa application.

The documents that are required for your visa

The Coronavirus

You should keep in mind that you will be quarantined in a special hotel for two weeks after arrival.

In normal times, different rules applied to apply for the visa before this pandemic started. The procedure now is requested in 4 steps.

These are the 4 steps:

1. Apply for the visa
2. After the visa is issued in the passport by the consulate. You must book a hotel from the list I have given you. You must also book the flight, in and out of Thailand.
3. With the bookings you have now and the visa in your passport, you must ask for permission to fly (C.O.E.)
4. Download an app on your mobile

The Ministry must issue the C.O.E. (Certificate of Entry) in Thailand. As long as no COE has been issued, you are not allowed to board an aircraft.

After receiving the COE, you must pass a PCR test and a Fit to Fly certificate. You can take the test from 72 hours before arrival. I can give you a list of different testing labs to get that test done.


Step 1:

You will need the following documents.

  • The application form
  • The order form
  • In color with a white background, a passport photo looks straight into the camera, don’t smile or show teeth.
  • A bank statement with your bank balance (minimum € 2500), including your name. Download a bank statement from your online banking, print it, and send it a bank statement.
  • You must have special insurance for COVID-19. Unfortunately, this must be an English language statement, or the consulate will not accept it, and the following text must be included in the statement:
  • 1. Costs of COVID-19 treatment even if these costs exceed the US $ 100,000.
  • 2. Repatriation / evacuation.
  • 3. In case of illness in Thailand: the insurance covers the cost of outpatient treatment even if these costs exceed
    THB 40,000 and inpatient treatment even if these costs exceed THB 400,000.
  • 4. The insurance must mention clearly that travelling to a risk area (travel advice colour code: orange or red as indicated by the Dutch government) does not affect the scope and level of COVID-19 coverage.

The only insurer we know that does this: https://www.oomverzekeringen.nl/.


Step 2 (after you have received the visa in the passport!):

After you receive the visa, you need to book a hotel and a flight.
At one of the hotels in one of two lists:

After arrival, you must quarantine in one of these hotels for 14 days.

When booking a flight, make sure to purchase a ticket to cancel or exchange for another date free of charge. Even if you have received a visa in your passport, that does not mean that you can eventually fly.


Step 3: Apply for the COE (Certificate Of Entry):

If you received the COE from Bangkok, you must take a PCR test 72 hours before departure to receive a Fit-To Fly certificate.


Step 4:

Before departure, you must download an app on your mobile so that the Thai government can find your location during your stay in Thailand: https://thailandplus.in.th/en/faq-2/.

  • The order form, click here to digitally fill in, print out and sign it.

  • Everything you write on it on the order form will appear on the invoice
  • S.v.p. enter your address completely, such as your street name, house number, postcode and city. We need the full address for the invoicing and return address
  • We need your e-mail address for when your visa application has been accepted by the consulate, we will send you an invoice by e-mail the same day. You must transfer the invoice to us the same day with I-Deal or bank transfer so that we have the amount on our bank before we collect your passport with a visa at the consulate.
  • Your telephone number or numbers where we can always reach you in the event that your documents are incomplete or when the diplomat wants to view additional documents.
  • The application form, click here to digitally fill in, print out and sign it
  • You must answer all questions online
  • This is the original application form that the consulate uses for its visa procedure
  • Please print out and place your signatures, the colors of the print may only be black or dark blue. Other colors are not allowed
  • A signature cannot be scanned
  • A signature may only be placed with the colors black or dark blue. Other colors are not allowed.
  • Please note, for a tourist visa or transit visa you must place your signature on this form twice, without the second signature your application form will not be accepted by the consulate, click here for an example
  • In the last window that says ‘FOR OFFICIAL USE’, you can not write anything here because it is exclusively intended for the consulate
  • Your passport.
  • We need to have the passport physically, so no copy.
  • Your passport must still be valid for at least 6½ months after the validity of the visa (ie one and a half year valid if it is an annual visa).
  • The passport must have at least two blank facing visa pages.
  • A color passport photo.
  • Note that this photo is according to the Dutch standard of ‘passport photo’, that is to say, looking forward, white background, do not laugh and do not show teeth.
  • Nine times out of ten, the consulate does not accept a photo from your own printer. If you do so, make sure you use gloss paper and there are no stripes visible from the print.
  • Please do not staple the passport photo on the application form but use a Pritt pen. If you do not have a Pritt pen in your possession, please add your photo lose at we will then paste your photo for you.
  • Do not staple the photo on the application form
  • Do not stick the photo with adhesive tape

Other conditions that you must pay extra attention to:

  • The photo may not be older than 3 months
  • The photo may not be the same as on the passport unless the passport is not older than 3 months
  • The photo must have a white background.
  • A bank statement with the credits and debts of the past three weeks with a visible deposit of your income.
  • It is not allowed to cross out transactions with a black marker, because the consulate literally wants to see all the credits and debits!
  • Your name must be on it.
  • Your balance must also be at least 600 euros plus for each month that you are going to stay in Thailand.
  • So 60 days = 1200 euros!

1. If you visit your Thai spouse in Thailand:

  • a copy of the Thai passport and a copy of the marriage certificate (the original is not necessary!)

2. If you have a Thai child and you want to visit the parent and your child in Thailand:

  • a copy of the passport of both parents
  • a copy of the birth certificate with the names of parents and child
  • An invitation letter from Thailand (can be sent to you by e-mail in a PDF format)

3. A personal English letter from you, addressed to the Embassy of Thailand in The Hague, explaining what you are going to do, such as a visit to your Thai child or Thai spouse.

  • A booking confirmation of your flight (return ticket)
  • The consulate wants to see when you enter the country and go out again
  • It may be a booking for a flight, bus, train, boat
  • Your name must be mentioned on it
  • The consulate must recognize the confirmation as being that it comes from a travel agency or an airline.
  • A confirmation of a flight by a customer of your will not be accepted because the consulate will say that anyone can do this. Think of logos, photos or other features that an official confirmation of an airline by mail in general meets
  • Our advice, make sure you take out cancellation insurance when purchasing your flight. In the event that you do not receive your visa, you will not suffer any financial

A trave plan in English

Click here to print, fill in and sign

This statement indicates what you are going to do, which cities you are going to visit and the dates of arrival and departure.

Please note that if you apply for multiple entries of one year, you will receive a one-year visa but only a maximum stay of 90 days at a time (per entry!).

You can do two things with this statement:

  • You write that you are flying from the Netherlands to Thailand. After arrival, you will get 90 days to stay. Within 90 days you will continue to fly to another country and return to Thailand after a few days. And later from Thailand back to the Netherlands!
  • Or, you indicate at the bottom of the itinerary that you are going to the immigration office for an extension of 90 days, and if you do not get an extension from the immigration office in Thailand you will leave the country. In this case, you must also place a second signature on this form!
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